10 Storage Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Published on 11/14/2023
Whether you're moving or just wanting to declutter, storage is one of the most important aspects of your home or apartment. An optimized storage solution is a crucial way of making the best of your space. Here are 10 ways of optimizing your storage to make the best of you living space!

Doors. Doors. Doors.

The easiest way of optimizing your storage is to go vertical. Door hangings are an easy way to do just that! The interior and even exterior of doors are great ways to improve your storage space. A wall hanging for shoes, creating a space for your tools (below), or cleaning supplies are great options.


Command Hooks Are Your Friend

Instead of using nails and worrying about where studs are, command hooks are great for simple wall hangings and hanging items along interiors of shelves, cabinets, and other vertical places around the house.

Use Your Garage to Its Full Capacity

One place where it doesn't matter what it looks like to guests and visitors is your garage, so use it to your advantage! Building storage shelves on walls and even from the ceiling are great options for optimizing storage. 

Double Duty Furniture

Items like ottomans can double as storage! When you're in a storage pickle, utilizing every square inch of space is huge. Cabinets, ottomans, and space under beds and couches can be utilized without making to room look cluttered.

Know Your Space

Plan your storage containers accordingly. Knowing your space is important for optimal storage. If you have a shelf with 24 square feet of storage, try to find storage containers fitting those exact dimensions with the same depth and spaced out evenly. Just some simple math can be key for optimization.

Use Those Corners

Corners can be among the hardest places to utilize as far as square inches, but a corner shelf can change that. A simple storage shelf like this can add over 400 square inches of flat storage space for items like candles, photos, decor items, and more. Not only a great place for storage, but a good way to improve the look of the room from a bare corner to a vibrant part of the house.

Turn Those Desk Photos Into Wall Photos

Photos of our loved ones on our desks and coffee tables are super common, but when you're in a situation where you want to optimize storage, hanging those photos on the wall or refrigerator is a great way to take those flat surfaces and use those for other storage uses. 

Walls Into Shelves

For the handyman or handywoman, a cool project is turning a wall into a shelf! This is one of the most efficient ways to use wall space in a home to turn purely vertical space, into a charming area for books, photos, or home decor.

Rent a storage unit or buy your own storage unit.

Sometimes you only have so much space, and the best way of using your space is to get a little extra. In our case, a lot extra! My Storage offers storage multiple storage solutions that can help you. Our lot on Grand River Dr. has a few units left for rent in different sizes. Our smallest unit It fits the contents of two full bedrooms, including several small to medium-sized boxes, and items such as mattress sets, sofas, chests of drawers, bookcases, and desks. You can also purchase a unit that we will deliver to you! e manufacture two sizes of steel storage units to be delivered to your place of business; an 8’ x 12.5’, and a 10’ x 16.5’. These attractive steel storage buildings are built to last with welded framing consisting of 11 & 14 gauge structural steel, 26 gauge metal siding/roof with a 40-year silicone polyester paint.